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Welcome to Female Vibrator Reviews

12 Apr , 2015,
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A big welcome to all you lovely ladies (and any gents) to my blog and review site on anything to do with sex toys, sex and dating.

I’m a 30 something lady living in the United Kingdom and I just love to write and talk about sex related things and share my experiences, especially to do with great vibrators, rabbits and bullets toys that I find in an attempt to help out others in their search for that great sex toy to thrill and excite their senses time after time… because lets face it – a man can’t vibrate!

My sex toy collection is getting quite handsome and my favourite toys are the rampant rabbit vibes and bullets. So if you’re in the market for a certain one then take a look at my reviews and they may just help you decide which one will be more fitting for you and your body.

You can check out my About Me page if you want to read a little more.

Jessica Rabbit G Spot Slim Review

11 Apr , 2015,
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I’m a big fan of Jessica Rabbit toys and have a couple myself – however the g-spot version has always been one that I’ve been keen to try due to the curved head which is said to tantalise your gspot while the vibrating shaft and bunny ears take care of the rest of your intimate parts…

Its pink and clear colour scheme is a pretty and girly design, however this is the ‘slim’ version so its not as wide in terms of girth. This means its perfect for any new gals who are worried about using a vibrator for the first time or for those who have a tighter fit. With a bit of lube, or if you’re pretty horny already then this rabbit will slip in easily.

side view of the sex toy

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